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Double Goddessing Collaboration with Photographer Roberta Glisson

Rooted is a yearlong visual arts project in sisterhood where we stepped out of the daily over-culture of linear time, family obligations, and domestic roles. We created a project to literally walk ourselves out of our homes and intentionally weave ourselves into the wilds of our local landscapes; an artistic endeavour to cultivate and rekindle our intuition, awareness, sensation, and perception as our creative language of expression. Both of our artistic genres (dance and photography) work with the process of composition in its many forms; we shared a collective duet of composing movement, energy, space, color, light, stories, and adornments to capture these timeless vignettes of the feminine in her many forms. 

Imagery and Myth pierce us directly to the bones. They pull at the lost tendrils of ourselves to remind us that we have purpose, that we are connected, that we have work to do in the world... that at our feminine core, we are all artists, visionaries, seekers, and magic-makers, with the ability to shape and birth our world into a more integrative reality. Rooted is a deep claiming and remembering of our ancient medicine through embodying iconic archetypes of women across space and time. 

The myths of our lineages hold the memories of our becoming; we can find parallels in the stories of our ancestors, lost cultural traditions, and bloodlines to stoke our internal desires. Myths root us in the past and give us hope for the future. They reveal the secrets of our souls and the power of humanities collective perseverance. Our stories and myths are what make us human. Cultivating our lost mythic imaginations is the key to unlocking the possibilities of our dreams. Myths keep us engaged in the unfolding of our destinies and sparking the magic in our everyday lives. Many of us have forgotten the epic heroines, legends, and stories of our ancestors. We no longer live in the landscapes of our lineages. We are stolen bodies on stolen lands, immigrants, settlers, colonizers and the colonized, all displaced people and places in need of ancestral healing. 

Many of us have severed connections to wise-women, elders, oral traditions, and a sense of continuity through generational time in our communities. Reclaiming connections with the myths and stories of our ancestors and landscapes that we inhabit can bring us back into reciprocity with the places where we have landed; to heal and mend our relationship with the earth where we are right now. To root and grow into a deeper sense of belonging and stewardship to our landscapes. To move and dream in ways that play it forward for all our ancestral lineages; to ground, to connect, to belong, to heal.

This project captures multiple elemental, and archetypal aspects of the universal divine feminine as the seasonal wheel of the year unfolds. These powerful mythical female archetypes are drawn from our own Nordic, Germanic and Celtic Roots, but as we reach back through time, where all of our collective motherlines merge, we see we are all fractals of the universal collective creatrix; The Earth Herself.  

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